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The Five Elements

The Wood Element
The element of youth, of all beginnings and of hope, the spring of the year and the spring in our step. It helps us look to the future, decide what we are going to do and where we are going to.

The Fire Element
The element of young maturity and high summer, of delight in the warmth of the sun. It teaches us how to relate to others and it revels in those relationships.

The Earth Element
The element of maturity and of late summer, bearing the fruit of what summer has yielded. It represents our mother who bore us and mother earth which feeds us.

The Metal Element
The element of late maturity, of the autumn of our days and the autumn of the year. It helps us assess what we have achieved and assigns to things their true value. Where the Wood element looks forward, Metal looks back. It represents our father, the father who gave us life and also whatever spiritual presence we believe in out there beyond us.

The Water Element
The element of old age, the winter of our years, bearing always buried within it the seed of new life. It helps us survive, and drives us on when we feel we may be going under.

Acknowledgement - Quoted with kind permission of the School of Five Element Acupuncture (SOFEA)