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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What can Acupuncture treat?
  2. What is the difference between Professional acupuncture and Medical acupuncture?
  3. What's involved with Diagnosis and Treatment?
  4. How often will I need treating?
  5. How much does it cost?

What can Acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can be used to treat many physical conditions, including backache, headaches, irregular periods, sinusitis, infertility and stress.

You can benefit from acupuncture without suffering from any particular ailment. If you are feeling off-colour or out of sorts, perhaps experiencing difficulties at work or unhappiness in a relationship, then acupuncture can help you to cope better.

Acupuncturists treat the whole person and therefore don’t distinguish between physical complaints and emotional problems. This means that the treatment of physical problems also affects the way you feel in yourself.

As well as a greater sense of general well-being and enhanced enjoyment of life, acupuncture can be an extremely effective and drug-free form of pain relief.

You will also find your immune system is better able to withstand flu and colds and, if you do fall ill, you tend to suffer less badly and recover more quickly.

Many people continue to use acupuncture as an effective form of preventative medicine.


What is the difference between professional Acupuncture and medical acupuncture?

Professional acupuncture

  • Takes three years to learn to degree level (3600 hours)
  • Is a profession in its own right
  • Treats most conditions, from digestive disorders to grief, from asthma to infertility, from worry to insomnia
  • Works holistically; treats emotions and physical problems (the mood swing and the period pain that follows), treats the cause as well as the symptoms (the long-term stress that causes the mood swings as well as this month's PMT)

Medical acupuncture

  • Can be learned in a short time (80 hours)
  • Is used to supplement another therapy (medicine, physiotheraphy)
  • Effectively treats a narrow range of symptoms but not causes (pain, but not the reason behind it)
  • Treats physical conditions (pain, nausea), but not the emotions that go with them

(quoted from The Acupuncturist, Susanna Dowie)


Diagnosis and Treatment

The initial diagnosis involves collecting information about your medical and personal history as well as your present condition. A detailed understanding of your stresses and symptoms is necessary, as well as the functioning of your body systems (sleep, digestion etc.) and what your life is about.

In addition the diagnosis includes a physical examination to understand the body’s energetic balance, which includes pulse taking on both wrists.

During treatments very fine, sterile disposable needles are inserted at specific energy points along energetic (meridian) pathways. The application of heat (moxibustion) may also be included.


Frequency of Visits

The severity of the imbalance, how long it has been there, and whether or not anything in your lifestyle is interfering with the progress of healing will all affect the duration and frequency of treatment. You will need on average 4-6 treatments before you can expect a noticeable improvement in your condition.



How much does it cost?

Five Element Acupuncture
The diagnosis session takes up to 2 hours, includes your first treatment and costs £60.
Subsequent treatments last 45 minutes and cost £45.

Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture
Each treatment lasts 45 minutes and costs £45.

Buy 5 treatments for £200 and pay £40 per treatment.

Concessions are available for Five Element Acupuncture and cost £30 per treatment.